EOM&M Division

Services available for expressway users ..

There are so many facilities available with the expressway in order to supply the best service to the expressway users. All of them are under Expressway Operation Maintenance and Management Division. The major facilities available are as follows,

  • Traffic and Patrolling
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Expressway police
  • Call Center and CCTV Monitoring

Call center and CCTV monitoring is a major facility available for expressway users. An emergency call number 1969 is available in any case of emergency for users at any time of the day. The operators then take the immediate steps to solve the problems with the user.

CCTV monitoring is also done during 24 hours a day. If any accident or tragedy occurs on the expressway or its bounded area, CCTV inspectors can identify the incident and the responsible person through monitoring and take suitable action for those tragedies.

Traffic and patrolling is the most supportive unit for expressway users. They are dealing with the traffic in the expressway. If any accident or a break down in vehicles occurs while travelling on the expressway, these people goes to the place immediately and get the best solutions for the problem preventing secondary accidents or unnecessary traffic on the expressway. They get the help of Fire and Rescue unit and expressway police to complete their duty.

Fire and Rescue unit is there to help people who are affected by accidents or any other incident on the expressway.

Special service vehicles which are on alert in 24 hours to do their duty. These vehicles are using for removing damaged vehicles from the expressway, carry accident vehicles to the nearest interchanges, ambulances are used for carrying people to the nearest hospitals, fire and rescue vehicles are there to cease fire if occurs by any accident and prevent occurring fires by accidents.