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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is 1969?

1969 is the short code number which is being initiated to ask information about the expressway, details of towns which are connected with the expressway, complain about the problems with the expressway, inform about the technical break downs of your vehicle or accidents on the expressway and also to inform about any illegal or curious incident which you identified on the expressway. EOM&M Division provides 24 hour call center service that's easily adaptable to every in all three languages. You can select section according to the purpose you are calling as General Information Section and Accident Section. You can get information from the General Information Section and can give information about accidents to the Accident Section.

Do the CCTV cameras cover the whole expressway?

The monitoring of your ride through the expressway from the entry point to the exit point is done in 24 hours a day.

What happens if I exceeded the maximum speed limit?

If you are exceeding the speed limit of 100 km/h and the traffic police noted it in their speedometers, a fine sheet will be given at your exit point according to your fault.

Are there any vehicles which are not allowed on the expressway?

Following vehicles are not allowed on the expressway.

  • Bicycles
  • Motor Bicycles
  • Carts
  • Tractors
  • Three wheelers
  • JCB vehicles
  • Other vehicles which use on agricultural purposes

Can we pull or tow vehicles on the expressway?

You are not allowed to pull or tow vehicles along the expressway, although the vehicles which carry vehicles with safety equipments and in standard level are allowed traveling on the expressway.

What is the standard of the vehicle when entering to the expressway?

  • The vehicle must have enough fuel to end the journey
  • The spare wheel need to be in good condition
  • There must be a tool kit and the jack in according to the weight category of the vehicle
  • There must be sheet belts for the driver and the front passenger
  • The signal lights, horn and wipers must be properly working
  • Side mirrors must be in better condition

Number of passengers allowed to carrying?

You cannot carry passengers exceeding the number of sheets of the vehicle.

Can I carry passengers in the back of my Lorrie/ Cab or Jeep?

You are not allowed to carry passengers in the back of Lorries, Cabs, Jeeps, etc.

Can Icarry goods on top or in the back side of the vehicle?

The vehicles which carry goods on top of it are not allowed to enter to the expressway.

The vehicles carrying goods in the back side of it are allowed to enter only if they are safely and tightly tied up with cords. The vehicles that not carrying goods in that standard are not allowed to enter to the expressway.

What would happen if I lost my ticket issued by the entering booth?

If you lost your ticket you have to pay for the journey from the starting point of the expressway.

What should I do if I'm involved in an accident?

If you met with any accident on the expressway, you should follow the below mentioned advices.

  1. If you feel that your vehicle is not in a secure place, take it to a safe place (it is more secure if you can take your vehicle out of the outer white line)
  2. Turn on hazard lights
  3. If there are passengers, keep them out of the guard rails
  4. You must use the doors in the outside of the road to get down from the vehicle
  5. You must call the emergency call number 1969 and give your details and the location to the officers. If there are injured persons, you have to inform that too

When you are travelling on the expressway, if you are affected by anyone or you saw any accident occurs, then make sure you call 1969 and inform about it.

It is not important of the size of the loss to inform us. Even though it is a minor loss, make sure that you call 1969 and inform.

You can get the documents for insurance claims for the loss of property only if you stay near by the accident place on the expressway. We are not issuing those documents later.

What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?

Get the vehicle out of the outer lane, turn on hazard lights and then call 1969 and give the relevant details. Do not try to repair them in vulnerable manner.

Keep the passengers safe until we reach you. If possible keep them out of the guard rails.

Do I have to pay for extra services?

We are not charging for any of our emergency responce vehicles comes to the accident place. All the services are free of charge other than pulling the damaged vehicle. If the damaged vehicle has to be pulled out of the expressway, then you have to pay for the vehicle which pulls your vehicle at the exit point. The charge will be Rs.2500/=.

What are the improper driving on expressway?

'U' turns, reverse, driving through the way disturbing others are prohibited on the expressway. And also continuously driving all along on the inner lane is prohibited. Inner lane is only to overtake. After overtaking the vehicle, get your vehicle to outer lane again.

What type of incidents do I need to complain?

If you notice any of the following incidents on the expressway, immediately call 1969 and complain.

  • Any person walking along the expressway
  • Vehicles throwing litter or other things on the road
  • Vehicles which are training for driving on the expressway
  • The vehicles carrying passengers in back side of the vehicle
  • Vehicles that are carrying passengers in a risky way
  • Vehicles which occur accidents and escape
  • Damaged vehicles on the road
  • Any person sleeping in the stopped vehicles
  • Any person staying on the expressway stopping vehicles
  • Any person who stop their vehicles to get photographs
  • Any person reversing or U turning their vehicles
  • People who stop their vehicles and get liquor or doing any other illegal action

What I have to do if I miss my exit point?

You are not permitted to 'U' turn or Reverse your vehicle. Hence, you have to drive to the next interchange and then you have the chance to travel to the relevant interchange.

What should I do if I feel sleepy?

Call 1969 and give the details of your location. Then the officers will guide you to the next interchange and allow you to park your vehicle safely and have a nap.

Are there any sanitary facilities?

You can come to any of our interchange at any time and get sanitary facilities free of charge.