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E01 - Southern Expressway (SE)

  • Gateway to the MiracleSouthern Expressway is the first link of the expressway network planned in Sri Lanka
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Southern Expressway is the first link of the expressway network planned in Sri Lanka. It travels from Kottawa to Mattala (200.451 km) and it was initially opened the first stage to the public from Kottawa - Pinnaduwa (95.3 km) on 27th November 2011.

Southern Expressway has twenty interchanges from Kahathuduwa to Mattala. This section consists of a 4-lane capacity. The maximum operating speed for this section is 100kmph. Southern Expressway ultimately linking Mattala Airport ( and Hambantota Harbour from Andarawewa-Hambantota Rd -E06) to the Commercial Capital, Colombo.

Benefits of Southern Expressway

  • Reduce travel time between Colombo to Mattala/Hambantota.
  • Reduce traffic congestion on Colombo-Matara Road, and reduce delay costs, fuel costs there by contributing to national economy.
  • Attract private sector investors and there by contributing to expand the job market
  • Development of fisheries, agriculture, industries in the region.
  • Expand tourism presently confined to the coastal belt, along Colombo-Galle-Matara-Hambantota.
  • Development of Galle port.
  • Development of the towns belong to 19 interchanges as Economic Centers
  • Enhance the value of land and property in the region

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