EOM&M Division

Control Center (Colombo-Katunayake Expressway)

Located between Katunayake and Ja-Ela.


Seeduwa Expressway Main Operation Center under the Road Development Authority is highly responsible for the maintenance and management operations of the expressway network in Sri Lanka. Main Operation Center is doing its' operations under six main sections.

Call center and CCTV monitoring is a major facility available for expressway users. An emergency call number 1969 is available in any case of emergency for users at any time of the day. The operators then take the immediate steps to solve the problems with the user.

CCTV monitoring is also done during 24 hours a day. If any accident or tragedy occurs on the expressway or its bounded area, CCTV inspectors can identify the incident and the responsible person through monitoring and take suitable action for those tragedies..